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One picture, three details

In this picture by @rossobiancobolle there are three details that bear witness to the past:

  • the well and the concrete water tank where copper crystal used to be dissolved overnight before treating the vines.

  • in the distance, in the vineyard, you can see wild willow trees, which were used to tie up the vine.

  • meadows and a shed on the top of the hill, reminding us that the farms used to carry out different activities.

Vineyards and Piemontese cattle farming. The vineyard in the foreground is called Da Carlo, in honour of the old owner, from whom my father purchased it in 1989. When Carlo planted it in the early Sixties, he said: “we’re going to plant the vines in line with yours (Vigna Cein), because you never know, you might end up running straight through”.

This shows just how much thought farmers used to put into what they did. And now, in fact, it’s as though it was just one, continuous vineyard.

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